Work with me & Change the world

“I don’t have enough time for my family. I don’t get to travel enough. I don’t know how to get to the next level of my business. I feel absolutely guilty when I’m not working, but I wish I could just take some time off.” – have you heard yourself saying that quite often recently? Then it’s time to change that.  

I’m a high performance coach for high achievers looking to scale in every aspect of their lives — including real personal satisfaction. 

My clients generate are high achievers by heart and are looking to grow in all aspects of their businesses and lives with purpose and impact.


I’m straight forward. I get to the heart of the matter. And, I challenge you to create
— I challenge you to create a new paradigm of success, so that we can change the world together. 

working with me & Become Unbreakable

Working with me isn’t just about consulting or coaching so that you can make more money — generating more revenue is a natural byproduct when we cut away the excess to focus on what’s most essential for YOU.

Working with me means that we’re all about designing a life where you’re living on your own terms.

You make your own hours. You define what makes you happy. You have more meaningful relationships.

You don’t give a fuck about what the world defines as “success” — you give a fuck about what you’re doing in the world, because you know you have huge potential and you need to live it full out.

It’s time to be courageous. You’ve got to get ready to let go of control.

You’ve got to learn how to trust. You’ve got to discover ALL of who you are, so that you can become unbreakable.

Are you ready for that? 


You’re experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. You’re not really excited about your work anymore or what you’re doing. You want clarity on what process is actually right for you and your business, so that you have actionable tools and methods to get you to the next phase of where you want to be. But the biggest secret? The one you’re not telling ANYONE else? It’s that you’re not feeling confident AT ALL — even though you’re already making at least half a million dollars.

Holy shit. What’s next? What do you do about that?

This is where my proprietary The T.I.M.E. Method comes in. Together we look at four key areas of your life & business – Time Management, Impactful Leadership, Mindset Mastery, and Energy Efficiency – and move the needle, so that you can finally be the badass you want to FEEL in your business.


“I don’t have enough time for family. I don’t have enough time for travel. I don’t know how to get to the next level of my business. I feel guilty when I’m not working.” Stop bullshitting yourself.

These are all excuses. If you want to get to that next level alone, YOU CAN — but you’ll get there FASTER with me.

Yes, you’ll reach max capacity where you literally can’t do anymore tasks, so you won’t be able to scale. That’s why you need to start working SMARTER

When we work together on your Flexi-Schedule, we’re not playing games. I’m going to challenge you to let go of bullshit-tasks, to look at areas of your life that you need to change, and then I’m going to equip you with all the tools you need to change them — simply.

The T.I.M.E. Method

A 12-week 1-on-1 program to take back control over your time, unlock efficiency on demand and get more done in less time without the stress and overwhelm.

The T.I.M.E. Method takes you through 4 key areas of your performance:
Time Management. Impactful Leadership. Mindhacking. Energy Efficiency.

Time Management

  • Planning (Yearly, Monthly & Weekly)
  • Project Management & Organization
  • Scheduling (Flexi-Schedule)
  • Task Management
  • Prioritizing & Focus (95/5 Rule)
  • Systems & Processes
  • Business Structure


  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Behavior Patterns
  • Mindset Shifts
  • Perspective Shifts
  • Natural Brainhacking for
    Performance Improvements


  • Personal Values & Business Values
  • Hiring Strategy & Process
  • Team Communication
  • Team Structures & Culture
  • Leadership Styles
  • Intuitive Leading

energy efficiency

  • Habits & Routines
  • Eliminating Toxic Environment
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Mindfulness Practises
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Natural Bio-Hacking

german efficiency on demand in 12 weeks

Weekly Coaching Calls

Each week we take on a bottleneck, roadblock or challenge in your business and life and will create solutions together that you will be able to implement in the following week. We cover all topics alongside the T.I.M.E. Method and dive super deep into the issues to solve the root cause – not just the symptoms so that your business is ready to scale sustainably. 

Weekly Action Plans

After each week’s High Performance Session I will create an action plan for you, that includes our solution and implementation plan for the next week. As a bonus I include further resources & material that’ll be helpful for you to implement our actions as straight forward as possible and transform your life & business without a fuss.  

Weekly Accountability Check-Ins

One of the most important things to stay on track but also to simply keep moving forward is certainly: Accountability. That’s why I have created a simply yet powerful system with a weekly check-in to keep you accountable and make sure you take responsibility for your life-changing transformation.

Weeks of Email Support

You got a question? Need to bounce another solution around? Have issues with implementing the action plan? Got communication blocks with your team? I got your back. Mo-Fr I am here for you to help you through over these little extra bumps. Customer service is my jam and I am going above & beyond for my clients to get them to their goal.  

Lifetime Access VIP Membership

It’s always great to be able to read about this process or check on this one specific topic again we talked about a few weeks ago. That’s why I have created a membershiparea for my VIP clients only so you can go through the topics we talked about, download extra resources, listen back to our calls or find extra material – all for your success!

Oura Ring & Support

I am SO excited to introduce this new gadget to my coaching practises: The Oura Ring. This ring will help us to get real life data on your sleep, heart rate and rest so we are able to dive deep into the human optimization part. The better you sleep, the higher you can perform. And the best part? This Ring is included in our VIP package!


Let’s magnify your life experiences

& maximise Your profits with T.I.M.E.  



Unfocused to Super-Efficient

“Even though I lived through it, I almost couldn’t hardly believe it myself – just what a radical change it made. I mean it was truly transformational (…) It is one of the greatest investments I ever made in myself”

– Kent Sayre | Multiple Business Owner

Working Smart Not Hard

“It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life/career in a long time. Monique has helped me to dramatically maximize my efficiency and to work smarter instead of harder.
I’m working way fewer hours, but I’m getting way more done. She’s also helped me to prioritize my most important tasks, and to feel less anxious and stressed. “

– Stefan Georgi | Agency Owner RedOx


The Flexi-Schedule is a planning & scheduling tool I developed over the past decade to help entrepreneurs to save time and take the guesswork and heavy decision making on “what task should I do now?” & “what is a priority?” out of your day.

What does the Flexi-Schedule do for you?
In short: You get more done in less time and can make more money along the way.

Take back control of your time 


Save tons of brain space and energy and delay the daily decision fatigue we are facing after hours and hours of work by a significant amount of time, as you won’t have to think about what to do next or what tasks to prioritize.

Create a routine that helps you stick to your top priorities without forgetting or over-seeing the tasks that need to be done or delegated either. Stay on top of your task lists while being organized. 

Cut the bullshit out of your day & reduce your stress levels that come with  overwhelming task lists that never seem to fit in one week, let’s not even talk about a day! Let’s keep calm & cut the excess out of your day.


This is Brilliant

“You are fucking awesome. This is brilliant. Thank you 🙂
Looks perfect. Gonna print it out and stick it on a few walls”

– Adil Amarsi | Copywriter & Strategist

It’s your turn.

It’s okay, your secret is safe with me.
Let me help you stop living in your own shadow, hidden in the darkness of the hustle & grind and bring you into the Light.

“I am glad I worked my ass off and never enjoyed life” – said no one on their death bed. Ever!

It’s time to maximise profits & magnify your life experiences.

Are you ready to go balls out bold?

Let’s get started!