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Time Freedom

Slow down to Speed up

Time is our ultimate power. And I am here to help you unlock it

No matter if entrepreneur, business owner or CEO - we all share the same pain: we are lacking time, massively. 

Whether that is time for the really important tasks, time for our team, time for our friends and family, or even worse: time for ourselves. 

We tend to put ourselves last, for the impact and mission we are here to fulfil and often miss the many alarms that show us that we should take it a little more easy, to stop and breathe. 

Instead we keep pushing forward, just as we have always been told. We do more, so we can get more, in order to give more and to be more. but where does this vicious cycle end? 

For me it ended with a cardiac arrest that resulted in a 25 second clinical death, only that by age 19. I started pretty early with running the money-grabbing race, given the fact that my dad lost his job when I was 13, and I grew up in German where society measures your worth by how efficient you are, the brand of your car, the size of your apartement and most importantly the title of your job. 

Your character? Unimportant. Your intentions? Who cares. What good you have done. Pfft, please! But can you work faster, harder, better and more efficient than all the others around you? Welcome to German Efficiency. Welcome to my (old) world. I know you feel me. 

You don't have to be German to be under extreme pressure in your business or your job as a CEO leading a diverse team of people. 

But where does this pressure come from? 

Day in day out we work hours over hours at the expense of time with our family and friends only to come home and hearing their complaints. 

We wish we could feel more accomplished by the end of the day so that our mind finally stops racing. If only we could have one night of restful sleep! But the mind chatter keeps waking us up again and again - just for us to wake up unrested and do it all over again.

A deep sense of guilt is haunting us, when we do dare to take a weekend off ... ugh, the thoughts of all these tasks that still need to be finished are clinging in our neck, taking over our mind and keeping us from being present with our families - the reason we took the weekend off in the first place. 

If only there was more time in a day.
If only we could fill it with life, rather than chores. 


14 years ago I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt and still didn't learn the lesson! It took me another 5 years to understand WTF I was doing wrong for all my life. I was wasting it! Until life taught me a lesson and showed me that I do not have any control over how much time I will have left. The only thing I can control is, what I do with the time I am given!

Don't wait until you die to learn this lesson. Turn around today, stop wasting your time & finally start investing it in the *really* important things. Everything else will follow. I know it does. 


Let’s unlock your power

I have helped 100’s of business owners reduce their working hours up to 50% while doubling and tripling their revenue within 6 months, built unstoppable teams through integrating team culture, and significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm while building unbreakable confidence and resilience.
But my real superpower lies in unlocking yours. And as it is with superpowers, you can not explain how it works, you must experience it. Here are a few ways how you can do so:

More Time

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