Transform Time into Freedom

with The T.I.M.E. Method®


Time Management


Impactful Leadership


Mindset Mastery


Energy Efficiency


“The trouble is, you think you have time.”

– Jack Kornfield

The T.I.M.E. Method® is my 6-months 1:1 program that helps you to integrate efficiency naturally, unlock your superpower (zone of genius) and spark your inspiration to achieve fulfillment in your life and your work’s purpose.

The T.I.M.E. Method® is the framework I have developed in the past 15+ years of my work life in order to improve the performance of ourselves and our teams and achieving time freedom without sacrificing the truth of who we are. 

It combines the 4 pillars that in my experience are necessary for any high achiever to create a rock-solid foundation so that they can take back control over their lives and businesses and create more time, more joy & unlock their ultimate potential. 

These pillars are: Time ManagementImpactful LeadershipMindset Mastery and Energy Efficiency.

Your path to Time Freedom & a Life of Fulfilment starts right here.  

Is this for you? 

– this is certainly for action-takers only

This 6-month program is for Change-Making Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Business owners who…
  • Are seeking to increase their efficiency & productivity without burning out 
  • Are looking for their next level vision and how to implement it, step by step
  • Want to get ready to grow and scale and need help to set up the operations and structures that best suit You 
  • Crave a lifestyle on their terms, with more time, space and freedom to work how it best suits them
  • Want to finally get unstuck and get to know tools and methods to use with their Neurodiversity (like ADHD, Autism Spectrum and others)
  • Are looking to level up their leadership skills and bring a new experience to their  business (& team)
  • Have been growing their business super fast and need help with untangling structure, operations, and management 
  • Need help with switching their teams to remote or have been doing so and need help smoothing operations out in a remote setting 
… and for all Change-Makers who are ready to go to the next level and are looking for serious support on the leadership & performance levels for themselves and/or their teams  

    How does it work?

    – results take time, even #GermanEfficiency

    The T.I.M.E. Method® is a unique framework that I developed over 10 years. It is delivered in a 6months, 1:1 program and will be individually fit to your needs. 

    Why 6 months? For the first 3 months, we will be working on the foundations to balance out the 2 pillars that usually lack attention the most. Once we have the strong foundation we built from the ground level, we are shooting for the zone of genius: your super power.  

    It takes 6 months to go through the process step by step and make sure we are implementing the new tools, methods in a rock-solid way and creating new patterns & habits for your new lifestyle.

    Here is what is included in The T.I.M.E. Method®:
    1. The Prep: Our first is an in-depth assessment of your business & lifestyle incl. action plan for our upcoming coaching 
    2. The Work: 22 Weekly Calls á 90min. actionable coaching calls incl. 
    3. The Round Up: During our last call we will pull all strings together, looking at what we have accomplished,
      how you can amplify what we have put in place for you and how you can replicate it. This is also a time for us to see if and how we can continue to work together.


    Let’s unlock your superpower

    I have helped 100’s of business owners reduce their working hours by up to 50% while doubling and tripling their revenue within 6 months, built unstoppable teams through integrating team culture, and significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm while building unbreakable confidence and resilience. 

    We have also designed lives for my clients that are much more peaceful, with more time for the most important things and people in their life as well as space. 

    But my real superpower lies in unlocking yours. And as it is with superpowers, you can not explain how it works, you must experience it. That’s what my 1:1 program The T.I.M.E. Method® is for,  and below I will show you an overview of what the 4 pillars of this framework entail: 

    Time Management

    – you live it or you dread it

    I get it, you don’t quite enjoy having others tell you what to do and when to do it – and yet here we are. Many (if not all) of my clients  come to me, wishing they had more time in a day to do all of the things they wish to do “someday”. But what if you can start tomorrow, or Sunday or right now? Because as a matter of fact: Someday is nowhere to find in any calendar. So, the deal is this: I am gonna help you create a Not-To-Do List, tell you which of your tasks are sucking time and energy out of your days and create a plan that is actually moving the needle of your business daily – while you work just half* of the hours you did so far! 

    • Planning (Yearly, Monthly & Weekly) 
    • Project Management & Organization
    • Scheduling (Flexi-Schedule)
    • Task Management 
    • Prioritizing & Focus (95/5 Rule)
    • Systems & Processes 
    • Business Structure

      *average results for clients is reducing working hours by 25-50%  & 2-3x the revenue within 6 months


    Happy clients 

    The proof is in the results

    The biggest ROI I got from the work were actually twofold. Number one is (…) an immediate financial boost. Because I was executing & getting the results, I was seeing more financial return (…) secondly, it’s the quality of life. I love it. (…)
    So I went from being overwhelmed and distracted, and really unfocused (…) Now I’m clear on what I’m doing and what I’m not doing. You know, I have a team of people that I delegate to, (…) and I am making progress every day (…) and I can measure that. And I can see it. I mean, it shows up in my quality of life, it shows up in my bank account. (…) it’s one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made in myself

    Kent Sayre

    Serial Entrepreneur

    Impactful Leadership

    – comes from within

    Leadership starts with you. Before anyone can lead others, it is important to stand in one’s own truth. Have rock-solid core values, implement these in your life & business and stand up when they are questioned. When this foundation is built we can move into embodying this in a team environment, how it looks like to hold space for other people and their values and bringing them together under one umbrella and how different cultures can bridge their differences and use it as a strength. 

    • Core Values
    • Hiring Strategy & Process
    • Team Communication
    • Team Structures & Building
    • Creating Team Culture
    • Intuitive Leading

    Mindset Mastery

    – once aware, you cannot unsee it

    Mindset is the red line that connects everything, the glue that holds everything together and the safety net that catches you when sh*t hits the fan! That means it is necessary to continuously work on it, improve and grow your mindset, similar to a plant that you want to keep nourish and water, and grow. Especially when it comes to times of crisis, your mindset shows what’s really going on for you and how you are able to deal with a set of challenges coming right at you. Want to be prepared? Don’t miss out to master your mindset. 

    • Limiting Beliefs
    • Behavior Patterns
    • Perspective Shifts
    • Mindhacking
    • Growth Mindset
    • Heal what hurt

    Happy clients 

    The proof is in the results

    “It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life/career in a long time. Monique has helped me to dramatically maximize my efficiency.

    (…) She’s also helped me to prioritize my most important tasks, and to feel less anxious and stressed. “


    Stefan Georgi

    Copywriter, Teacher & Serial Entrepreneur

    Energy Efficiency

    – is the key to keep it all together

    Our energy is just as much worth as our time. If you don’t have any, your time is just running through your hands without you being able to do anything with it. Whether it is your health, people you surround yourself with, habits & routines or the time you spend resting: all of these determine your levels of energy. Society though has taught us over the past decades the opposite, and we feel guilty when we don’t work. So we will tackle the guilt as well as how your energy levels are recovered best.

    • Habits & Routines 
    • Detoxing (Environments, People, Materials)
    • Boundaries, Standards & Expectations
    • Mindfulness
    • Rest & Sleep Improvement
    • Natural Bio-Hacking
    • Body – Mind – Spirit Connection

    The Path

    The Path to Time-Freedom is to make the choices now that will create the life you wish to live (later).

    I know pricing is often this awkward thing. Or people make it that.
    In 2022, after 2 years of seeing the world in chaos, I have decided I am done with this and put a point behind the value of my work.


    AND: I am introducing an equity based pricing model that supports the values of this business & myself.
    Please read the short intro first before you go to check the

    pricing options & table below. 

    After that I cannot wait to speak to you:

    INTRODUCTION (Please read carefully)

    I understand this may be new to see for coaching services like these, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. So first up I like to say, that even though this is an equity based model, it still does not provide access for people from all financial backgrounds, and I understand that. That is not possible with this service at that time. That is also not the point of the model.
    The point is to make this program even more accessible for the people who this program is for
    (Leaders, Business Owners, CEOs & Entrepreneurs running different sized companies) in the different stages of their business journey

    This Price Table is not valid for Fortune 500 businesses & corporations.
    Please book a call below to speak about your offer.


    The T.I.M.E. Method® is a 6 months 1:1 program. The prices you will see on the bottom of each table are in US$ per month. The original (and still set) price of this program is $4.500/month. Please keep this in mind when choosing your monthly price on the scale. This is not a discount of my services, but an offer of accessibility. 

    The table reads by Business Revenue per Year first. This is the first indicator to look out for. After you will read phrases that may or may not apply to you and your life. Please read these carefully and choose the column that most (not necessarily all) applies to you. 

    Please remember: The original price is set at $4.500/m (and has been successfully for a couple of years now). Scaling down on the price means, that the phrases mention apply mostly to you and your financial background. That means eg. even if you make between 500k-1m per in revenue but the financial indicators of the bracket below feels more true to your situation overall, then you can choose the lower of both brackets (in this case 300-500k/year income). This is valid also the other way around. 

    Please know: This model works on the basis of trust. I trust you to make the right decision for our work together. I will not check or question you. I trust you will choose to pay forward and go up on the scale if you comfortably can do so & help others be able to receive this tremendous help, that may need to choose to scale down. There’s no judgement, we all go through different phases in life – and it works best when we give back whenever we can and we receive whenever we need. 

    When in doubt: Book a call with me and I will make sure to help you with the decision & walk you through what the program can do for you in specific terms. 

    This Price Table is not valid for Fortune 500 businesses & corporations.
    Please book a call below to speak about your offer.

    I like to be transparent with pricing even though I hear often “Don’t put your prices on your website! This person will be repelled, and that person won’t like it and that company will think you are cheap and yadayada!” alright then. So it be. They ain’t gonna work with my Magic then, I guess. But I am not here to chase people, begging for money. No – I have a serious gift I am bringing to the table, something the world needs more than in the last couple centuries, and something I am very proud of to be such a master in. So, I will be transparent in my pricing, and give people a chance to decide how they fit in. That’s what I like to do, too. I want to know where I stand when I am looking at services. And please don’t come at me with ‘scarcity mindset’ and “If you really want it you can get the money” – no. That’s how people end up in endless debt (luckily I was taught differently, phew). Anyway – long story short: I have decided to introduce a new pricing model, based on equity based pricing, which you can find above.