"But - I don't have time for..."

“…weekends with my family. I don’t have enough time for travel. I don’t know how to get to the next level of my business. I feel guilty when I’m not working.”


Stop bullshitting yourself. These are all excuses. Yes, that’s the harsh reality. Society has conditioned us to believe that we need to sacrifice family, friends or even sleep (wtf!?) in order to build a thriving business. What we didn’t get to learn is how we don’t have to sacrifice anything (at least not longer than a couple of weeks) and we can have it all. Yes, all that you truly need for your happiness and bliss. 

If you want to get to that next level alone, YOU CAN — but you’ll get there FASTER with me.


“The trouble is, you think you have time.” – Jack Kornfield

The T.I.M.E. Method is the framework I have developed in the past 15+ years of my work life in order to improve our performance in life & business without sacrificing anything. 

It combines the 4 pillars of human & performance optimization, that in my experience are necessary for any high achiever to implement, so they can take back control over their lives and businesses with a rock solid foundation in place.

These pillars are: Time Management, Impactful Leadership, Mindset Mastery and Energy Efficiency.

To become naturally productive to the highest level, ensure your path to your fullest potential and fire up your inspiration to achieve fulfilment in your life and your work’s purpose, your human optimization process starts right here with the T.I.M.E. Method.

Time Management

  • Planning (Yearly, Monthly & Weekly) 
  • Project Management & Organization
  • Scheduling (Flexi-Schedule)
  • Task Management 
  • Prioritizing & Focus (95/5 Rule)
  • Systems & Processes 
  • Business Structure 
  • Mindhacking

    • Limiting Beliefs
    • Behavior Patterns
    • Mindset Shifts
    • Perspective Shifts
    • Natural Brainhacking for
      Performance Improvements


    • Personal Values & Business Values 
    • Hiring Strategy & Process
    • Team Communication 
    • Team Structures & Culture
    • Leadership Styles
    • Intuitive Leading

    energy efficiency

    • Habits & Routines 
    • Eliminating Toxic Environment 
    • Setting Boundaries
    • Mindfulness Practises
    • Sleep Improvement
    • Natural Bio-Hacking

    Client Wins

    Kent Sayre

     – Multiple Business Owner

    “Even though I lived through it, I almost couldn’t hardly believe it myself – just what a radical change it made. I mean it was truly transformational (…) It is one of the greatest investments I ever made in myself”


     – Digital Marketer
    ” She completely re-designed my business and made it 10x more efficient. My work day is way shorter and more productive now(…) we are also making more money (…) If you need a systems person, I’d recommend none other than Monique”

    Stefan Georgi

    – Agency Owner
    It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life/career in a long time. Monique has helped me to dramatically maximize my efficiency. (…) She’s also helped me to prioritize my most important tasks, and to feel less anxious and stressed. “


    – Parent Coach
    “Before I met Monique (…) I felt super overwhelmed (…) I feel a lot more confident and capable (…) Monique really helped me with prioritizing my tasks and set up workflows (…) so I was able to cut my hours to a manageable amount of hours down”

    German Efficiency On Demand

    Get ready for the life you want to be living, with relationships you actually want to be in and a thriving, growing business.

    It’s time to be brave. It’s time to be courageous.

    You’ve got to get ready to let go of control.

    You’ve got to learn how to trust.
    You’ve got to discover ALL of who you are, so that you can become unbreakable.

    Are you ready for that? Let’s get started!