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The 3 Productivity Types to keep you focused

by Time Management

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What are productivity types?

We all have different ways of focusing and concentrating on tasks. Some people can get into highly focused work quickly but can lose focus just as fast. Other people need a bit longer to get into the groove of a task but can stay focused for a while.

Once you have determined your chrono-energy type, you are one step closer to figuring out which productivity type is best suited for you. These two factors together will ultimately help you to leverage your energy and accomplish more productivity in your day-to-day life. In this episode, I’ll lay out a few different methods of working productively.

Choosing your best-fit productivity type will help you increase your efficiency & create more productivity while decreasing working hours and the amount of time you need for your tasks. It’s important to be consistent with your productivity type since you will get better & faster the more you use it. Here are the 3 productivity types I am speaking about in this video: – 5-minute snippets – Pomodoro – Work Sprints If you are unsure which one is best for you and how to apply them to your work, book your consultation with me today, and I help you find the best fit for you and help you set it up in your business.

Disclaimer: This video contains information from personal experience and studies as well as observation. This is in no way a medical assessment or gives you any medical advice. For diagnosis, help & medical support please turn to your doctor of trust.


Big Moves

It’s time to step up & make

I love Big Moves and I can not lie

Be more energized, laser-focused
& productive!

Are you craving more consistent (and higher) energy throughout the day? Do you want to be laser-focused, work less while you accomplish more, and invest your time in the really important things?

Then it’s time to find out what your Chrono-Energy Type is!

Test which of the 4 types you are and get a detailed report with specific tips for your type,
on how to integrate it into your life for best results!



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