TEDx Chiang Mai Women | The Power of Resiliency

by Allgemein

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When going through one of the most devastating traumas of my life – I didn’t realise how much it will help me grow. 
Trauma, adversity, hardship – all of these are the door to personal growth, even if we don’t want to hear anything about it the moment it happens. Or days after. Sometimes even months after. And sometimes we get stuck in a victim mode.
The thing that will get us through those traumatic experiences is resiliency.

I was honoured to hold a short talk at the TEDx Chiang Mai Women’s event and be part of an exclusive panel discussion afterwards.

This is my talk. I would love to read your thoughts and hear your stories in the comments below.


Life after being clinically dead…
Monique Lindner was born to conquer life’s challenges. Four chronic diseases, an out-of-body experience after being clinically dead for 25 seconds, rape, a severe car accident, mental abuse in her teenage years, bullying and sexual harassment at work. All the pain Monique experienced made her so much stronger and enabled her to help so many others around her–people like her who similarly went through traumatic experiences, sexual violence, live with chronic diseases or who have hit a wall in their lives. Monique’s pain forced her to thrive and turn pain into a purpose.
Today she helps people to become the strongest, most confident and most empowered versions of themselves by building resiliency, self-love and an invincible will to live.

Photography, Video and Editing by: 

Suzanne Gerbenzon, Gillian May, Madison Wigley

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