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Productivity 101

by Allgemein

~ Enjoy this 8 min read ~


Did you know that just by eating unhealthy food you can decrease your productivity by 60% ?

Said drop of productivity then also leads to overwhelm which can often make us feel like we are not good enough. We start comparing our results with those from others, we start talking down on ourselves and self-sabotaging our work. 
If you want to feel stress-free, efficient and get your productivity on the next level, start implementing these 5 tips – and you will see an increase on all levels. 



1| your morning makes your day

The first thing in the morning many of us do is: checking our phones, emails or/and social media. This can literally hinder you to be any productive at all. The first hours in the morning are the most important ones as our bodies are refreshed (hopefully) and our brain reset from our night’s sleep. So what should you do instead? 

Build a morning routine.

It should engage you on all levels: your body, your mind, your soul and your heart.


Move your body! Work out. Run. Do Yoga. Martial Arts, Dance or do Parkour. Whatever it is you like doing – move!

Work your mind! Learn something new. Listen to a podcast. Take a course. Read. 20min. are already sufficient to become 1% better each day.


Feed your mind! May it be meditation or just sitting with your thoughts. Taking a walk with yourself only or just be quiet for a while. Whatever your soul needs, do that.


Touch your soul! Think about the emotions you felt the day before. What triggered them? How exactly did they feel like? Have you had them before? Where will they lead you? Write it in a notebook/journal or record it so you can get it off your chest.

I also love to integrate 90min. of undistracted work. After my morning routine, I still haven’t checked my phone or any device, I sit down and work 90min. Straight without any distraction and with the most important task of the day that needs to be done.

2| stop multitasking

Seriously people. Have you ever tried watching TV and having a conversation at the same time? Besides it being rude… Please don’t tell me “but, it works for me”. That’s bullshit. 

It is neuroscientifically proven that our brain can not focus on two tasks at the same time. It will switch back and forth and therefore will not get anything done, nor will it be able to focus on any of these tasks properly.  So one of the other tasks loses half of your attention. In our example You’ll keep asking over and over again “Huh, what did you say?” and at that’s just pointless. You neither understand what’s being said in the tv show nor what your friend is talking about properly. 

The same happens with multitasking. Not only is our brain overwhelmed (even if we think it isn’t) but it’s also gonna miss out on very important details, start to make more mistakes and just taking even longer to get things done. So why not doing tasks one by one anyways then?

3| shake it!

Yep. I mean your booty. Your arms . Your legs. And the fresh veggies in your fridge.

But first things first. When you have been working for some time, sitting in a chair or on the floor or wherever you choose to sit, your productivity decreases automatically. Our brain does not use all of the available neurotransmitters – so we need to wake them up and make them work.

The best way to do so: Move!

A 15min. walk in fresh air can do wonders, a run is even better and if you fancy to “dance like nobody is watching” well – I won’t judge you (if you follow my IG stories, you know what I mean :P)!  Do it in between two bigger tasks to get your brain going. 

multitasking is a myth.
the faster you can let go of it, the more you’ll get done.

 4| Planning is key 

No one wants to spend time each day wondering about what to do next. This is why I highly recommend to plan out tasks. Planning weekly ahead makes sense for a lot of people and checking on the tasks for the next day the evening before makes you not only confident in what to do but also calm in what you don’t have to fix now – and therefore easier to sleep.

Use 90/20 work sprints. Plan your tasks into junks of 90min. (So you can get them done in one or two sets for example) and make a 20min break in between each work set. If this is too long for you to focus one a task without distraction, I recommend a set of 45/15  so you’ll be able to stay focused throughout your tasks. 

5| Priorities are your best friends

We often underestimate the power of prioritising. Having categories that you can prioritise your tasks in and use them over the week will help you stay on top of your tasks. 

Tasks that are not a priority will be deleted if they don’t belong to any other category you created.
Don’t forget a category for “Delegation”. Tasks that are important but don’t need to be done by you! One great tool to use is the ‘Eisenhower Box’ that will help you keep your priorities sorted. 

Without priorities all planning & time management
is going to waste

Be more energized, laser-focused
& productive!

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