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Alright, I admit that business name is a little, uh, funky. But hear me out:
When I registered my business, all I needed was a “original name” – and well you can’t deny that I did quite a good job with this, right?
I chose this combo because I LOVE all things yellow, especially pineapples, but I have also been a semi-professional Ballerina for 11 years of my life. So spinning in circles is one thing I do in my free-time. The rest is, well, a name I ‘earned’ from friends for my first TEDx talk I held in 2017.
If you haven’t checked out who “I” actually am, my name is Monique Lindner and I am the founder, CEO & Head Coach of this magical company.


This is how the pineapples roll ↓

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
― Phil Jackson

Cha Suico

Social Media Magician

Cha is my social media magician. 
She helps me create content, repurpose it and create graphics that people want to share. 
Cha also creates podcast shareables and has repurchased a whole library full of my posts, you know, for later 😉 

There would be no content on my Instagram and Facebook page if it wasn’t for her.

Besides she is just a beacon of light and shares the love for GIFs with me! I believe that everyone who works with me needs to understand my Love-Work-Language: GIF (laughs loud). 

Luckily, Cha speaks GIF fluently.

Erik Garnica

Podcast Wizzard

If you have not yet figured it out, I do not only create a family – but sometimes I also hire one. Cha & Erik are a couple with two beautiful kids, and I am trying to get them married 😛 (haha, don’t worry they wanted it first!). 

Erik (in yellow, just making sure you know 😉 ) is our podcast wizzard – he takes care of all things podcast. He is my go-to person for all things transcribing and preparing shownotes, setting up the podcast website, launching new episodes, booking me on other podcasts, too.

Without Erik, there would be no Efficiency on Demand podcast.

Diana Grace Taala

Writing and Design Artist

Diana loves languages, culture and art – and that’s exactly why she fits our pineapple family so well. She writes blog articles for our website on culture, work ethics in different countries and on other topics as well as articles for the book website.

Besides that, her art is a wonderful gift, so she will help with repurposing content and creating all of the new materials for our upcoming membership, lead magnets, emails and other things that are in dear need of her amazing designs. Basically she is upgrading our delivery. Yay!

Efficiency on Demand -

The Podcast for High Performers


Hi, it's Monique

High Performance & Leadership Coach. Elephant Lover. Obsessed with Yellow & Pineapples. Undercover Nerd. Human Rights Activist.
Business by day and Jungle at Night.
Dance like nobody is watching.

'Gram with me

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