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Hej entrepreneur & leader!

You are three or more years in business &  already killing it!

But the business is killing you.

You’ve probably had a breakdown or two.
And you may be close to having a business breakup. 

It’s time to stop this downward spiral &
start taking your life back.

Are you ready to re-claim your time, grow a sustainable business and design a life on your terms – then let’s get on a call to see if one of my offerings is a great fit for you.

You are busy, so in only 45 minutes  we can:

  • Assess your current life & business – style
  • Identify the biggest bottleneck in your business that keeps holding you back
  • Share 3 action steps needed to make significant moves in the next 30 days
  • See if I can help you design the life you always dreamt of & grow a sustainable business 


The proof is in the results

Don’t take my word for granted

* testimonial from pre-Covid times, when I traveled full-time and yes. also in areas without internet access #oops

“(…) It was one of the most transformative calls ever.

I have been a lot more focused, I been staying away from self-sabotage, and I feel lighter and richer and I feel like my experiences are so much more flowing than it has been before.

So if you guys have been on the fence about Monique Lindner’s service – I strongly recommend to get off that fence and getting into her yard, because it is absolutely fantastic. It’s a great place to be! “

Peter Rychlik
Genius Graphic Designer

Easy Peasy Pineapple-Squeezy

How this works


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The proof is in the results

Don’t take my word for granted

“(…) She allowed me to transform my life instantly to be able to overcome this obstacle that I’ve been struggling with for a long time.

And I’m very grateful because I didn’t know a way out.

Monique just really allowing me to realize the things that I’ve already know, but just pushed me into action to force me to be able to be successful in the areas I want to be in with my business. (…) ” 

Terrell Loyd
Fitness Coach

Time Freedom

Slow down to Speed up

Time is our ultimate power. And I am here to help you unlock it