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– by completing this quiz, you’ve just figured out your most likely Chrono-Energy Type.

As busy entrepreneurs, it is absolutely important to be able to manage our energy efficiency so that we can get the most out of our time. And sometimes that means to take it easy. My company’s motto for my clients as well as for anything I do myself is: ‘Slow down to speed up’

What happens if we mix up our energy levels and task categories that are most suitable for those times? The quality will decrease, more mistakes will be made, and it will overall take much longer for you to get the tasks done.

When our brain gets tired, it looks for distractions more often than it does when our ‘batteries’ are fully charged & our brain mass is not overloaded.

So what can we do to keep our ‘battery’ charged for as long as possible?


– by completing this quiz, you’ve just figured out your most likely Chrono-Energy Type.

The Morning Lover gets up with the sun & is full of energy, ready to go! The best start for a morning lover is when they will hit the gym or work out first thing in the morning. That will help to activate the energy and channel it where it belongs.

The best time for a long break for morning lovers is for dinner as that’s when for most morning lovers their energy dips greatly.

The Morning Lover is the only one of the 4 Chrono-Energy Types that have almost fully charged ‘batteries’ throughout the whole day.

3 Tips for You

to Get the Most Out of Your Chrono-Energy Type

1. Get stronger in the morning

As the Chrono-Energy Type who usually wakes up with a fully recharged battery (given a good night of sleep), this is the best time to use this energy to move your body: Workout, go to the gym, run, swim, climb do yoga or pole dance. Whatever let your heart jump (ha!) go and do that in the morning. Not only will your body get stronger but your mind & soul will thank you, too.

2. Plan your day for success

Since your energy often starts to drizzle out after 4 pm, it is absolutely important to know what to do after that (hint: definitely no work, and if so then light, additional tasks only are recommended). Plan your day to attack your needle-movers first and get the other important & urgent tasks out next – before you may get into admin stuff or other things that don’t need your 100% full-on energy.

3. Use Dinner time as your ‘mindful time’

If you cook for yourself (and/or family) take all the time you can and take it easy. Dinner is usually your energy low, so it’s a great time to slow down, maybe listen to an audiobook or podcast while cooking and enjoy the downtime while eating. If you go out for dinner, choose low-key, chill places to go to for your workdays so that you can wind down, relax and enjoy food and maybe conversations or simply your own company and thoughts. Keep the socializing & networking for afterward – when you feel a little more refreshed again

But…Who am I

to Fill You in on All Things Holistic High Performance & Lifestyle Design?

Let Me Introduce Myself…

Since getting my graduate degree in Process, Project & Events Management I have always found that there’s something missing. It always felt like I was in a loop of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better Faster, Stronger” (bless ’em). There wasn’t a less hustling approach for being efficient, high performing, and high achieving – it always seemed to be that “one way”.

Well, I certainly identified as a high performer – and then I died. I suffered from a cardiac arrest and was clinically dead for 25 seconds – at age 19!

I started work early and had up to 3 jobs besides high school and later on at university. The end of that road was this: a cardiac arrest. Ever since I have studied more, worked in high-demanding, high achieving jobs (eg. with Siemens Enterprise Networks & Apple), agencies and international industries, gained a lot of experience in many different countries – and with each year I was more convinced: There must be another way.

So I created one: Holistic High Performance. 🙌

3 Bonus Resources for You

to help you Work Less & Accomplish More 

1. Check out this post: ‘Productivity 101’ on my blog Slow Down

In this post, I show you 5 ways to increase your productivity without draining your energy or stressing yourself out even more.

2. Sign up for my free Guide to a Perfect Morning Routine for busy Entrepreneurs

This guide will show you step by step how to create the perfect morning routine for yourself, and how to adjust it based on the outcome you want to achieve with this routine.

3. Book your Big Moves Session to find out how to best implement your Chrono-Energy Type

This session is perfect to get immediate help with implementing your Chrono-Energy Type into your life & business. You will be able to work less & accomplish more while feeling more energized throughout the day and feeling more accomplished by the end of each week.

Big Moves

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