"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."




Many of us don’t have a head start on life. It’s rather the opposite. We need to fight harder to get the same results. We need to prove ourselves a little more to be accepted. We need to show our skills with more confidence to be respected in our fields. We need to go the extra mile (or two or three) to get where we want to go. And yet, that’s no guarantee that we are getting the same respect and human rights as others may do. 

I was born with a big head start in life. Although one may think my 2 chronic diseases I was born with could have mean a major disadvantage to me, in hindsight they have actually empowered me to live my life in my full truth and to consistently do my best to live up to my ultimate potential. 

I started traveling the world & living abroad in 2007 and have met many incredible friends on the way. Friends who have lost their identities, because their government decided they shouldn’t belong to their home country anymore. Friends from beautiful ethnic minorities who were challenged by society and infrastructure to get an education, not to be exploited or simply ignored and looked down upon. Friends who had to flee their homes because money and power is more important for their government to fight for than their people. 


By 2013 I knew I wanted to something about it. I wanted to help specifically refugees & ethnic minorities. I wanted to help them leave the trauma behind they faced. And it should include dance, too – because dance (or any type of art) can heal anything (as an ex-ballerina, I have personally experienced and seen it many times).


In 2017 I first met Alexa Bay & Hannah Herr who are the founders of and incredible souls behind Daughters Rising – I have long traveled to many places without feeling I truly belonged somewhere until I found this organization, nestled in the paradise of The Chai Lai Orchid in Northern Thailand.

This was the first time that I have seen a mission, similar to mine, come to fruition, work and already helped SO MANY people – before I could even really put in words what it is I could do to help refugees & ethnic minorities. When I first started creating these ideas back 2013 I didn’t know Alexa nor her mission or the incredible project she has created. 

All I thought was I want to help refugees, I should definitely include dance and probably education, too. I never told anyone about my ideas, nor my plans. But it’s time to step up and fulfil this mission


After many conversations, hundreds hours of volunteer work and research I realised, not only do I have a massive head start and privilege in this world – but I can, I must, use it for good instead of just being silent and therefore becoming a part of the issue.

That’s why my mission is to empower refugees & ethnic minorities to leave the label society has placed on them behind, and pursue their ultimate potential through the power of art therapy and holistic education.


My big MOONSHOT goal is to empower 1 million refugees &
ethnic minorities by 2029 through free education.


I partnered with the amazing organization Daughters Rising, whose mission is to empower at-risk girls through education to end trafficking and exploitation in their communities and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

For each new VIP client who works with me, I am donating $250 to this amazing non profit.

If you’d like to support them beyond that, please don’t hesitate to donate or support one of their students

Like what you read? Want to help? Then spread the word! Share our video (below), talk about this important mission and if you are as passionate as me about it, contact me and see how we can work together to make this a reality!