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Latest on the Blog

How to Crisis-Proof your business in 4 steps

How to Crisis-proof your business in 4 steps the world is going crazy - and so is everyone around us.     But as we Germans like to say "In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft" (Similar to: "the slow horse wins the race to the mill"). In times of crisis the most important...

How to easily slow down during busy times, without losing momentum using these 5 apps

How to easily slow down during busy times, without losing momentum with these 5 apps We all could need a little more Zen in our days, right? Often we are just so busy, rushing from A to Z and back to B throughout our days, but we forget to take a little break here and...

Why Intuitive Decision Making is A Leadership Must

I was only 22 years old when I became a team leader for an IT support team of 160 people and didn’t know much about intuitive decision making. They chose me for different reasons and so I started my journey in personal management. We were a team of 5 team leaders that...

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Productivity 101

Productivity 101

  Did you know that just by eating unhealthy food you can decrease your productivity by 60% ? Said drop of productivity then also leads to overwhelm...

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Efficiency on Demand

Efficiency on Demand -

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