Big Moves one consultation!

This is an invitation for you to make your next BIG MOVE, to step up to the next level in your life and business. Sometimes we don’t need a whole programme, sometimes all we need is that one breakthrough, someone to help you see what’s possible, helps you to break down the steps how to get there and lay out an action plan for you to follow – that’s where I come in.

Today I want to be this magical person for you &  invite you to my special BIG MOVES Session!

Not only do I have 20 years of experience in my field, but I have mastered the art of time management, energy efficiency, impactful leadership & mindset mastery and have helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs to cut 50% of their working hours while growing a fulfilling business. 

This is your invitation! This is your call for your next level, your next BIG MOVE – this is your time! 


Big Moves

What’s this session about?



  • Help you set priorities, so you can take care of what’s truly important in your life & business
  • Address a big decision in front of you that will help you make Big Moves – and share tools & techniques how to make decisions  in the future with more confidence 
  • Look at a challenge in front of you (life or business), show possible solutions and how you can move through it without loosing your mind
  • Answer your questions in regards  to next big business steps (this can be team building, hiring or performance questions as well as business structure or time management questions as long as these can be answered / addressed within the 60min. session) 
  • Help you adjust habits, routines and/or your lifestyle for the best outcome possible



  • Seeing in structures, matrixes and systems is my special gift as much as it is to create a bigger picture – then breaking it down
  • Having a ‘sounding board’ for tough decisions is really helpful especially with being asked the right questions for reflection
  • Sometimes it’s that ONE thing that needs change, that you can not see because you looked at it for too long – but someone trained in these fields will be able to see it in a short time (that’s what I am here for)
  • Having someone who has done this work for 20 years and can give very different perspectives and the best solutions for YOU instead of the ‘one size fits all’ one from the last blog post is priceless


Disclaimer: I do not work with or on trauma or anything related to mental health issues that do need help & support from professional trained people. Please understand that I am not able & trained to help with that.




  • You are about to make a big decision but you are unsure which direction to follow
  • You feel like you hit a glass-ceiling and want help to take off the lid & see the next steps
  • You are looking for someone outside of your environment to open up new perspectives, possibilities and potentials for you that you don’t see for yourself
  • You want advice for specific business scenarios, like structural changes, hiring & team building, team communication & leadership, anything time management & performance etc. 
  • You are looking for someone who can identify your business’ bottlenecks & gaps and solutions how to solve them
  • You need inspiration, a kick in the ass or you have your own reason why you booked this session that I can help with…

The proof is in the results

Don’t take my word for granted

“Running your own business isn’t easy. There’s always a bajillion things trying to stop you from being successful (like, hiring risks… productivity killers… and at times, your own headspace.)

When I face one of these, I bring them to Monique. I’m yet to ever have her “stumped”. 

She’s regarded as the best high-performance coach for good reasonEvery piece of advice I’ve received has been right on the money

so yeah, I recommend getting as close to Monique as you can. “

Chris Wright
Offer Owner/Mentor/Copywriter

* testimonial from pre-Covid times, when I traveled full-time and yes. also in areas without internet access #oops

“(…) It was one of the most transformative calls ever, first of all, she cut right to the chase and called me out on my things. She figured out and isolated the top 3 limiting beliefs and perspectives that were holding me back, then we wrote out what it is that we were going to do, to change what those things were – and then, we BURNED THEM IT UP.

And that created such a powerful emotional response within me when I went and did that later that night, that I haven’t been the same since.

I have been a lot more focused, I been staying away from self-sabotage, and I feel lighter and richer and I feel like my experiences are so much more flowing than it has been before.

So if you guys have been on the fence about Monique Lindner’s service – I strongly recommend to get off that fence and getting into her yard, because it is absolutely fantastic. It’s a great place to be! Thank you, thank you so very much for all your help love, and attention Monique!

Peter Rychlik
Genius Graphic Designer

Easy Peasy Pineapple-Squeezy

How this works


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The proof is in the results

Don’t take my word for granted

Monique has been super valuable to me and the work that I do, because of the fact that she helps me organize, and focus and get sh*t done.

(…) I want to communicate to you that she is the kind of person who is reliable, who does what she says she is going to do, and you know these days that is actually really hard to find. Someone who genuinely, you know, is excellent in what they do.

She is excellent in organization, at focus, at project management, and more than anything she helped me move projects along to the point of completion, which was amazing. And I was able to rely on her. I have a lot of people who helped me in my projects and I would say time and time again that she is someone who is super reliable.

So, if you have the opportunity to work with her, I would absolutely take it if I were you!

Paloma Lev
Badass Sales Coach

Big Moves

It’s time to step up & make

I love Big Moves and I can not lie