Hi, I am Monique –
Your secret weapon to Efficiency.

I help high-impact business owners to slow down so they can speed up in business and in life. That means I help them focus on the 5% most important tasks to get the 95% of the outcome they truly want in their life and business.


“Time is money” is what they say – but actually it should be “Time is power”.

So I focus on helping you use your time in the most powerful way, producing the highest possible outcomes in your business while creating a lifestyle you don’t want vacation from. This, to me, is freedom. I am not talking about “work-life-balance” but “work-life-integration”.

My counterintuitive approach of “Slow down to Speed up” is not only a physical concept (think about the arrow that needs to be pulled back first to be able to shoot forward) but also shows in many of our fellow entrepreneurs when they suddenly – almost “out of the blue” – fall really sick, burn out or feel uninspired, overwhelmed and anxious like never before … it’s the sign you should not ignore to finally stop, take a deep breathe and slow down.And I am here with you to help you with the strategic implementation of those methods so you won’t have to cut back on your business nor your lifestyle.

With a re-defined approach to High Performance I am here to help you create and execute this new business-lifestyle with you.

My 10+ year background in project & time management as well as team leadership for huge corporations like Siemens Enterprise Networks and Apple has played the foundation of my skillset & knowledge that I put into the T.I.M.E. Method – my signature framework – that my VIP clients get to experience and benefit from.


Will you be next in THE pursuit of living a life without regret?

But what makes me different?

I don’t believe in traditional education.

The way we teach (not only our new generation) these days is absolutely outdated. We are focusing on subjects and topics that solely proving whether or not a student can remember historical facts, mathematical formulas or grammatical rules. But what do we really need? Life Skills. Or how I love to call it: Streetsmarts.

My mission is to create a new form of education, a movement of lifestyle optimization, and bring this knowledge to entrepreneurs, business owners, C-Executives

… and finally to kids and teens in refugee camps as well as minority groups to prevent human trafficking.

My mission is bigger than myself. It goes far beyond the horizon of what I believed was possible for myself.

Never did I think I will be a transformational educator.
And here I am: Using trauma healing based education to transform human (and even animals) lives.


So what do I mean when I am talking about a new form of education? And what is lifestyle optimization?
And how can you get involved? And what’s the secret sauce behind all of what I do?
Phew. Great questions. So let’s look into them one by one below. 

What is the "new form of education" I am talking about?

When I am talking about a new form of education I mean a framework that supports learning based on the goal to achieve our highest potential. That looks different for all of us, and so does the education we need.

Fact is that we need to integrate emotional needs with skillset, core values and our ‘zone of genius’.

What is lifestyle optimization?

Lifestyle Optimization combines diiferent aspects of “streetsmart” education into one methodology. It entails Human optimization (eg. time management, leadership, mindset mastery and energy efficiency), Business Optimization (systems, processes, team leadership and more) as well as Lifestyle Creation (Do Social Good, find your Ikigai, Living life on your terms etc.).

How can you get involved?

There are several ways to work with me or get involved into my mission. Here are a few examples:

1| Join the VIP 1on1 work with me called the T.I.M.E. Method and apply here for the program

2| Become a member of the High Performance Lab and

Many Humans. One mission. 

Together with Daughters Rising we empower At-Risk Girls through education to prevent & end trafficking and exploitation in their communities and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty

My future non-profit organisation will empower refugee kids, teens & young adults to break through society’s limitations & labels through trauma healing based education and skill development, so they can become whoever and whatever they want to be in this world.

$1000 Donated to Anti-Trafficking Organisations

Average MOnthly Hours worked for Non Profit Organisations

KG of clothes & food donated to humans in need