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“Living in alignment with our highest potential means
to create a lifestyle that amplifies our performance &
magnifies the leader within us.”
– Monique Lindner

There is this myth that Leadership is best done by example. I don’t necessarily agree with that. The most holistic way I found leadership to be transformational is if it comes from within. My favorite way of starting a workshop is with the Turkish proverb “a fish rots from the head down”.

Another myth I hear about High Performance a lot is, that many believe it is all about being faster, harder, stronger, better, the Hustle ‘n Grind, in short: More, More, More.  I definitely disagree with that. If you can ‘Slow down to speed up’ (which is one of my signature phrases – you’ll hear it a lot) you will experience a whole new way of high performance. 

Both of these myth stem from outdated views about our worth,
how we value work and what we create.
What I want to create is change – that’s what I am here to help you with.

Lead…With your Superpower

I share the power of leadership from within and empower you & your team to
become unstoppable.

Superpower? Yes. We all have one. But most of us never get to find and unlock it. Why? Because we are not in full alignment with our true core values, we are not operating in full integrity with our beliefs, often to please others or to prevent any confrontation, and hence our energy is running low. My leadership training is not only based on communication, crisis management, and creating team culture but it is also grounded in the art of energy efficiency (as I like to call it) that will help bring the best out of you and enhance your natural superpower (aka your ‘zone of genius’) which will help your team to unlock theirs. And the best part? The performance of your team will naturally grow along with these shifts. 

It’s a win – win – win, just the way we love doing things.

The Path

Sick and tired of chasing time & energy?

I was, too. For so many years. Until time chased me down.

If you are new to this space, not knowing me or my story then this may sound a bit shocking but: I died. 

Actually, I suffered from a cardiac arrest that led to me being clinical dead for 25 seconds.
In hindsight, dying  saved my life. 

Now that probably sounds even stranger, I get it. In my book The T.I.M.E. Method – A no bullsh*t guide to creating an abundance of time’ I am sharing the very personal story why this cardiac arrest was the best wake-up call of my life in so many ways.

For many years I was chasing time, trying to control whatever happened in my life, sprinting from one achievement to the next, ticking off goals along the way like a grocery shopping list… but time was always one step ahead until it turned around to punch me in the face (… or the heart. Literally).

Today I am sure that this clinical death was my lesson that I am here to share with you – well and then there are 19+ years of studying, life & work experiences, as well as hard work in project-, time- & crisis management, team leadership … and remember that goals shopping list? Ha, yeah. But let’s not skip ahead, shall we?  

Create an abundance of time without sacrificing
your energy & life with my new book

Latest on the Blog

Latest on the Blog

Stand up for your Truth

As a business owner who strives to make a huge impact in this world, it is our duty to stand up for injustice, and make it loud and clear what our believes are that we fight for.

I truly believe that especially as entrepreneurs & business owners we have a special responsibility in this world, to stand up for the ones with less opportunities, bring equity to the table and use our businesses as a vehicle to empower and elevate others.

This is our mission, the mission of Pineapples, Pirouettes & The PowerWoman oü (Yes, that’s our official business name, ha!) too. We choose to create change by helping empower refugees & minorities through opportunities around the world.

Happy clients 

The proof is in the results

The biggest ROI I got from the work were actually twofold. Number one is (…) an immediate financial boost. Because I was executing & getting the results, I was seeing more financial return (…) secondly, it’s the quality of life. I love it. (…)
So I went from being overwhelmed and distracted, and really unfocused (…) Now I’m clear on what I’m doing and what I’m not doing. You know, I have a team of people that I delegate to, (…) and I am making progress every day (…) and I can measure that. And I can see it. I mean, it shows up in my quality of life, it shows up in my bank account. (…) it’s one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made in myself

Kent Sayre

Serial Entrepreneur

Efficiency on Demand -

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