3 steps to leave the never-ending task list hamsterwheel

by Time Management

So you quit your 9-5, you jumped into the adventure of entrepreneurship and there you are – stuck in another hamster wheel of never-ending task lists, plenty of decisions to make and more responsibilities than ever before.

Running and running and running as fast as you can, trying to get as many tasks done as possible – yet you feel like you don’t move a single step forward


Instead we wanna jump on the next rocket towards our own personal freedom. The question is, what steps do we need to take first to get out of the never-ending task list hamster wheel? 

To help you guide your way towards freedom I have curated the 3 most important steps you should take in order to move forward:

Mindfulness during a pandemic


1| Time Management

You hear me raving about time management a lot these days. Why? Cause quite frankly you are busted without proper time management. And let me just make this clear: Time Management does mean something different for everyone, and it certainly entails a lot of energy management. 

See, I don’t talk about the calendar you use or the times you schedule for your calls. I am talking about in-depth techniques and methods of time management that will support your productivity, grow your outcomes faster than ever before, get yourself valuable time back and reduce the unnecessary tasks that are piling up on your list.

Here are 2 of my favorite time management methods I use with my clients:

>> Plan tomorrow today <<
Very powerful method to be prepared for the next day and always be on point with most important tasks. Sit down each afternoon/evening after your work and plan out your tasks for the next day. Have ONE most important task only for the day that’s non-negotiable and do everything else only after that’s done.

>> Work in Sprints <<
Pomodoros, Sprints or Undistracted Hours – however you like to call it and which version works best for you – do it. Schedule them and make it a non-negotiable way to work at least for your most important tasks (MIT). But what does it mean? 
Choose a time that will be focused on only ONE task, and turn off all other possible distractions, including other apps, social media, tabs in your browser etc.
The best time frame is between 25 – 45 minutes for these sprints, then have a break of 5-15 minutes and repeat until your MIT is done.

These two methods are a great start to get your time management sorted.

Importance of mindfulness

2| Systems & Processes

Time management is a fantastic way to structure your work days and save time, but another amazing way to do so – and should be a no-brainer for every entrepreneur – is to implement systems & processes for your business. In my membership at The High Performance Lab I have explained step by step how to set up your first workflows, processes and build out systems and implement them. If you want to dive into these topics and get personal guidance from me on it too, then I invite you to join us there.


3| Mindset

Last but not least – there’s loads of methods, techniques & strategy you can use – AND your mindset is just as important.
I don’t only mean the way you think about your business – but also your mindset on a daily basis, your perception of life in general and your ability to adapt. Are you ready for any challenge? Are you easily thrown off by changes or other people’s opinions about you? Is your work easily influenced by your personal life? These are all things you want to practice daily and prepare yourself for.

Emotional intelligence and a Growth Mindset are a non-negotiable part of your life if you want to go all the way to a freedom-lifestyle. Because it is not only about being free of work, bosses or energy vampires – but also being able to deal with the mental weights that can drag us down.

So to finally jump on the path to freedom these are the 3 most important steps for you to take and get out of the never-ending task list hamster wheel.

I am curious:

With which one of these 3 steps do you need to address most?


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