Hi, I am Monique,
Your Secret Weapon to Efficiency

When was the last time you took an entire weekend off

– and didn’t check your emails or messages for work the entire time?

When was the last time you woke up and decided “Today is the day I am getting a massage!”?. How often did you miss your friends’ birthdays, family get-togethers, wedding invitations or weekly meetups last year?

And when was the last time you did something for the first time? 

It hurts, doesn’t it? I feel you. I have been there. This is not what we imagined when we took that leap of faith, brought up this incredible courage of leaving behind the stability & security of a job when we decided to take it in our own hands of building this impactful business,
no matter the hardships, naysayers, and challenges along the way.

Yet, we always knew we were meant for more! So we went all in!

And here we are, we built ourselves a prison of task lists  that keep us handcuffed to our desks way too long, rush through our days and make us miss out on life.

Your friends keep asking you “Are you still alive?” and your family adds to every invitation “…but we know you are busy, so don’t worry if you can’t make it.” with this special tone in their voice – you know, that tone that stings in your heart every time you hear it. 

Let this be the last time you have to hear them say this or you saying ‘no’ to any of life’s precious moments!
You came to the right place, where stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted business owners & entrepreneurs come to, to get their lives back, find new clarity for their businesses and even more important: feel a never felt energy boost before that unlocks a new level of potential for you!

You came to the person who turns these painful prisons into a powerful life! Hi, that’s me, and I’m Your way out!

Welcome to the beginning of your limitless life!


Do you wish you had more focus and maybe even
(a lot) more discipline? If only you could ignore those consistently incoming notifications, being less distracted and more energetic? One of the best things to implement is a rock-solid morning routine that helps you not only stay calm in the midst of a storm and to create a foundation for your success each and every day. But where to start? Let me help you!


It’s just another day, one of those where you really want to make a difference. But before you got started, the day is already over. It’s as if the white rabbit came to speed up time.

Or is it, that you are like the frog in the pot, sitting comfortably in luke-warm water, slowly being heated up & boiled to death (aka not having the massive impact you are craving to create and leaving a legacy behind)? 

If you are missing that ultimate drive, the work ethics to get you to unlock your ultimate potential & strive building your legacy without burning out, let’s chat and see how you can get out of the hot pot & unlock your ultimate potential today. 

During your performance audit I will assess your current life & business style, helping you to see the gaps and how to fill them as well as finding the bullshit that keeps you busy without creating any impact. Let’s …

 Find time-sucking tasks in your business

 Learn ways to improve your efficiency

 Find performance leaks

 Explore how to achieve massive impact


Hi, I am Monique - Your high performance & Human Optimization specialist

When talking about ‘High Performance’ and ‘Human Optimization’ many people think of: hectic, efficiency, no time, no fun, work only, perform, machines, harder, faster, stronger, alpha-person, high pressure and other programmed associations that we built up over time.

What High Performance & Human Optimization in my world REALLY is about is this:
* Creating massive impact
* Changing the world (& doing it your way)
* Serving others
* Unlocking and Activating your ultimate potential
* Using our body, mind & spirit as the #1 tools to achieve our goals
* Using the Power of Time
* Living Life Limitless while building your Legacy
* Slowing down to speed up

In my 15+ years of operating, learning & performing on the highest level myself I had the pleasure to work with CEOs, business leaders and teams of up to 160 people to help them improve their performance. Sometimes we set up new structures, systems & processes (for example during my time with Siemens Enterprise Networks) or we would work on training the team on different methods of productivity, focus and a strong mindset (such as with Apple for their Sales & Support team of 140 that I built) and at other times it was all about planning, project management and an overall  better use of time (and reducing it during the week) such as with my clients now.

What High Performance will mean to you and what needs to be adjusted & aligned to achieve your goals is mostly a very personal matter, which is why my work is so inspiring to me and never ceases to amaze me. So here are a few examples of outcomes that we can achieve together.


You are the frog in the hot pot, slowly boiling day in day out – but all you want is to take that big leap out of your comfort zone and into building your legacy. It’s not for the money (you got that covered!), but because your purpose is to serve a greater cause. All you need is getting your drive all fired up – and staying in CONSISTENT action! 

create clarity

You are finally at a point where business is doing well, clients are coming to you for your expertise – and you have more and more tasks on your list each day. Ugh. If only someone would sit down with you, creating a blueprint for your next 3 months of business with you, setting priorities for your goals and set up a step-by-step bulletproof plan on how to get there – that would be the tits! Well, now that’s me.

Control your time

Time is our ultimate power. I am saying this quite often – because it’s true. We often only realise this once it’s too late. You can change this today. The first step is to prioritize & plan your week ahead, with a schedule that allows you flexibility and clarity about your upcoming tasks, so you can stay on track to your goals.


Business is going awesome, you are working all day every day! Recently though you feel like there is more to life, like… life itself! You miss the adventures, family time, hanging out with friends or simply spending some time alone just with your favorite food & a great book, Netflix series or a podcast. But you feel guilty when you don’t work. How about creating both: A Limitless Life that includes the work you love so much?!

the proof is in the results

Kent Sayre

– Serial Entrepreneur
“The biggest ROI I got from the work were actually twofold. Number one is (…) an immediate financial boost. Because I was executing & getting the results, I was seeing more financial return (…) secondly, it’s the quality of life. I love it. Now I really, really enjoying work.

Stefan Georgi

– Agency Owner
It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life/career in a long time. Monique has helped me to dramatically maximize my efficiency. (…) She’s also helped me to prioritize my most important tasks, and to feel less anxious and stressed. “

Rob Sayles

– Agency Owner
“I’ve been working with Monique to actually design & implement a productivity framework (…) The number of clients that I’m working with has grown. But that’s not stressful because I have a process & a framework for actually handling additional larger projects & scaling up a team.


My signature framework for your way to a limitless life. 

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” – Jack Kornfield

In favour of a thriving business, there are hundreds of things we are putting on the sidelines with exactly this thought of “I do it when I have time for it”:

Undisturbed time with Family.
Quality time with Friends.
Travel. Adventures. Excitement.
A coffee, a book and nothing else.
A day at the ocean, staring at waves.
A weekend without any tech device. No internet.

We don’t pursue any of these things above, we sacrifice them in order to ‘work hard’, to build our businesses, to make the money and save it – only so we can do all of these things above later. Much later.

What if there is no later? A question we don’t dare to ask. Because that means we need to think about death. Or divorce. Or simply: life. Because life happens – so or so. So why shouldn’t we take the best of it and LIVE life? Instead of just working for it and trying to take advantage of it when it’s possibly too late?  It doesn’t make sense to work now and live later, does it? And deep inside, You know it.

So how can we do something about it? We need more time. Well actually, we need to shift how we use time. Time that we can dedicate to all the things we would love doing more of, the things that we don’t want to miss out on anymore. The things that bring us deep fulfilment, joy and happiness. Experiences that make us feel alive. 

That’s where The T.I.M.E. Method comes in to help you get more out of your time. 

German Efficiency On Demand

As a master of time, I am your secret weapon to efficiency. With my unique T.I.M.E. METHOD & my #1 motto ‘Slow Down to Speed Up’, I am on a mission to help high achieving leaders taking back control of their time and energy through human optimization & creating massive impact in their lives.

My No-Bullshit approach has helped many clients built a relentless work ethic that helped them double their revenue in short time, significantly reduce stress and overwhelm, whilst building a life & business of massive impact. 

Somewhere deep inside, there is this ultimate potential that is waiting to be unlocked & activated!

the proof is in the results

Paloma Lev

 – High Ticket Sales Coach
” Monique has been super valuable to me and the work I do (…) She is excellent in organization, focus, at project management (…) and helped me move projects along to the point of completion, which was amazing (…)”


 – Digital Marketer
” She completely re-designed my business and made it 10x more efficient. My work day is way shorter and more productive now(…) we are also making more money (…) If you need a systems person, I’d recommend none other than Monique”


– Parent Coach
“Before I met Monique (…) I felt super overwhelmed (…) I feel a lot more confident and capable (…) Monique really helped me with prioritizing my tasks and set up workflows (…) so I was able to cut my hours to a manageable amount of hours down”